About AMA (NSW)

What is AMA (NSW)?

The Australian Medical Association (NSW) Limited is an independent association representing the state's medical profession. As the state's peak medico-political lobbying body, AMA (NSW) is dedicated to providing its members with representation on a variety of medical issues, professional services and commercial benefits.

The strength of the AMA (NSW) lies in its representative reach across the state's geographical zones and the profession's speciality groups. By playing a pivotal role in the formation of public health and hospital policy, AMA (NSW) is in a strong position to represent the individual needs of members and their patients.

The concerns of the state's general practitioners are addressed by the AMA (NSW) Council of General Practice and when an important medical issue arises the Association has the resources to conduct a sustained media campaign to ensure its views are aired in both print and electronic media.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Australian Medical Association (NSW) is to advance the interests of the medical profession and their patients through effective advocacy; to uphold the integrity and honour of the profession; to provide support and services to its members in an efficient and responsive manner; and to encourage the advancement of the health of the community.

History of the AMA (NSW)

The AMA (NSW) officially began operating in 1962, previously existing as a branch of the British Medical Association (BMA).The BMA branches across Australia were set up in the late nineteenth century and before the formation of Australia's specialist colleges held regular meetings to discuss medical developments and unusual cases.

Functions of the AMA (NSW)

The daily affairs of the AMA (NSW) are run by a nine-member Board while its broader policy formulation is overseen by a 29-member Council consisting of doctors from across the state representing various specialities and geographic zones. A staff of around 35 is located at the AMA (NSW) St Leonards office to service the Association's day-to-day operations.