Professional Freedom Fund

The Professional Freedom Fund (PFF) is an apolitical fund set up for the purpose of maintaining and protecting the professional incomes of medical practitioners in NSW.

Any legal service required for group advice to VMOs and the various issues affecting VMO practice including submissions before any enquiries is part of the PFF charter. The PFF is also used to finance appropriate action against any quarter including State or Federal Governments when doctors’ incomes are threatened.

What has it achieved in the past?

The Fund financed the Macken Determination in 1985 and five earlier arbitrations including the 1979 NSW Prices Inquiry. It was successful in appealing against the Hungerford Arbitration in 1994 the result of which has yielded millions of dollars in additional payments to VMOs over the last 10 years.

Contributions from the PFF have been used in the past to fund a long and complex court case (involving NSW Health) to successfully oppose a move by the Australian Taxation Office to regard VMOs as employees. More recently the PFF-funded opposition to the attempt by the Australian Surgeons to set up their own union to the detriment of NSW VMOs.

The profession is facing yet another crisis and the AMA together with the PFF must take a leading role in protecting doctor’s interests and restoring public confidence in NSW hospitals, confidence that has taken a beating with the Walker Inquiry into events at Camden and Campbelltown Hospitals.

If you are already contributing to the PFF, thank you for helping to support your colleagues. If not, please consider making a $100 donation, or an amount of your choice.

Contributions to the Professional Freedom Fund are fully tax deductible.

Cheques can be sent to the Professional Freedom Fund at PO Box 121, St Leonards, NSW 1590 or phone 02 9439 8822 to arrange a credit card payment.