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Workplace Relations

Have access to our team of workplace relations and industrial experts, who can help you understand your workplace rights and entitlements, and provide comprehensive individual support to assist you with your workplace matters, such as issues relating to pay, rostering, leave, training and registration.

Doctors-in-Training Committee

Join the Doctors-in-Training Committee if you want to take a more active role in the leadership of the AMA (NSW) and advocate on issues of importance to Doctors-in-Training. The Committee determines the direction of our policy and advocacy for interns, residents and registrars.

Careers Service

AMA (NSW)’s Careers Service offers ongoing support throughout your career, including CV development, review of application responses, interview preparation, and career coaching.

Member benefits

AMA (NSW) offers a range of excellent commercial benefits and discounts to support you professionally and personally. Discover the numerous discounts on cars, lifestyle products, medical supplies, smart devices, and home appliances. You will also receive accident journey insurance that covers you if you’re injured to or from work.


AMA (NSW) offers a range of seminars and webinars assisting you with career development. Our social events provide a great platform for you to meet new friends and establish new connections.