The theme of this issue is obesity. In this special edition, we examine the factors that lead to obesity, the challenges of dealing with childhood obesity, and the benefits of a sugar tax. We also feature a profile on the NSW Health Minister, The Hon. Brad Hazzard.


President’s Word March / April 2017

PRESIDENT'S WORD Changing of the guard With new health ministers at both the State and the Federal level, now is the perfect time to set a fresh course for better healthcare. A new Premier and a new Health Minister in NSW offers a chance for the Government to do a stocktake on health and set [...]

From the CEO March / April 2017

FROM THE CEO A time of sadness and reflection While the profession reels from the loss of so many colleagues in such a short timeframe, we need to focus on what we can learn from these tragedies and how we can change our system for the better. 2017 is only a few months in and [...]

Dr Chloe Abbott: Champion for young doctors

OBITUARY Dr Chloe Abbott: Champion for young doctors AMA (NSW) would like to recognise the passing of one of the profession’s brightest young doctors: Dr Chloe Abbott. A passionate advocate for the profession and her patients, Dr Chloe Abbott has been widely mourned by colleagues, friends and family in the weeks following her death in [...]

DIT Diary: Lifting the stigma of mental illness

DIT DIARY Lifting the stigma of mental illness Depression, anxiety and other mental health issues do not automatically equate to impairment, writes Dr Eliza Milliken, who supports a more frank discussion of these issues in the medical profession.  Since the end of my residency 18 months ago I have attended four funerals. Each was for [...]

Call for clinical supervision

OPINION Call for clinical supervision The need for increased pastoral care in our professional lives could be met by an expanded view of the current supervision model, suggests Dr Rebecca Lee. Following the suicide of one of our colleagues, it is only right that we examine the culture of medicine and seek answers. Others have [...]

‘Log On’ to better mental health

COLUMN ‘Log On’ to better mental health President of the NSW Medical Students’ Council, Ashna Basu, breaks down the benefits of iCBT for the medical community. An oft-cited beyondblue report shows medical students report higher rates of distress and burnout than the general population, and 19.2% have experienced suicidal thoughts in the past 12 months. [...]

NSW welcomes new interns

FEATURE NSW welcomes new interns Almost 1000 interns found a placement in the NSW Health system – a third record-breaker year in a row. Despite a national internship shortage, more medical graduates than ever secured an internship in NSW in 2017. Official numbers reveal 1000 interns found a training position – up from 983 the [...]

Minister for Health Brad Hazzard

PROFILE Minister for Health Brad Hazzard The NSW Doctor spoke with the State’s new Minister for Health, Brad Hazzard, to get his view on the challenges that lie ahead. If politics were like baseball, veteran politician, the Hon. Brad Hazzard is stepping into the health portfolio like a relief pitcher - it’s the bottom of [...]

Is obesity a doctor’s problem?

SPECIAL FEATURE OBESITY Is obesity a doctor’s problem? More than half of Australians have a body weight that puts their health at risk. Are we failing our patients? It’s easy to point fingers when the subject of obesity comes up. Some say it’s the government’s fault. The failure to have a national obesity plan, combined [...]

Why are we still obese?

SPECIAL FEATURE OBESITY Why are we still obese? Despite decades of healthy eating and exercise messaging, the prevalence of overweight and obesity continues to increase. Professor Kylie Ball examines some of the reasons why and potential solutions. Few people would be surprised to learn that the epidemic prevalence and serious health threats posed by obesity [...]

The big problem facing little kids

SPECIAL FEATURE OBESITY The big problem facing little kids Childhood obesity is a sensitive topic for healthcare professionals. Dr Shirley Alexander explores the challenges and solutions to this increasingly prevalent health issue. Overweight and obesity affects one in four school-aged children and one in five pre-schoolers in Australia – rates which rank us amongst the [...]

For the love of the game

SPECIAL FEATURE OBESITY For the love of the game A pioneer of sports medicine, Dr Jeni Saunders has worked with some of the country’s top athletes. She shares her insight on exercise, sports and the country’s burgeoning obesity crisis. Dr Jeni Saunders has always been somewhat of a sporting polymath. While pursuing her undergraduate medical [...]

Time for change

SPECIAL FEATURE OBESITY Time for change Momentum for sugar tax builds, as experts from across Australia call for a national obesity plan and regulatory reform. Commercial interests shouldn’t trump the health of future generations, says leading obesity expert, Laureate Professor Nick Talley. Professor Talley, who chaired the recent National Health Summit on Obesity, is calling [...]

Professional Services: Sticky issues for VMOs

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Professional Services: Sticky issues for VMOs Sticky issues for VMOs Ever been left scratching your head wondering why a V-Money claim was rejected? Lately, we’ve been talking to a lot of VMOs about their experiences with the V-Money system, and helping them work through some of its hidden tricks and traps. In the [...]

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