Member Benefits

AMA (NSW) provides its members with a suite of benefits tailored to doctors' needs

No matter your specialty or career stage, AMA (NSW) provides doctors with the services they need.

This allows our members to focus their efforts on providing high quality treatment to their patients, while we assist them with advice on practice management, workplace issues, legal matters, business needs, and career development.

Additionally, AMA (NSW) has several commercial partners that provide products and services doctors need.

Members can access these benefits by contacting member services.

Member Services
8.30am- 5.00pm Monday to Friday.

Phone: 02 9439 8822
Phone toll free: 1800 813 423
(outside metropolitan Sydney)

Fax: 02 9438 3760
Fax toll free: 1300 889 017
(outside metropolitan Sydney)


AMA (NSW) has developed partnerships with a number of leading commercial organisations that specialise in assisting doctors.

Our member services partners can supply you with great deals on finance, accounting, and legal assistance.

Members also get access to superior credit cards with elite benefits, great deals on luxury cars, and discounted club membership with Qantas and Virgin.


An in-house team of experienced human resources and industrial relations professionals is available to provide free advice to members on a range of issues including:

  • workplace relations
  • private practice
  • medico-legal support
  • education and training
  • The AMA Fees List


AMA (NSW) runs a series of educational events for its members on contemporary topics that matter to doctors.

Events are either free or heavily discounted for members and some are exclusive to AMA (NSW) members.

AMA (NSW) also runs social events for members, including the popular High Teas for women in medicine and the AMA (NSW) Charitable Foundation Gala Dinner.

Past educational event topics have included:

  • Practice management workshops
  • Doctors-in-Training interview techniques
  • The annual Medical Careers Expo
  • An introduction to family violence resources for doctors
  • Advance care directives
  • Medical data e-security
  • Caring for colleagues
  • Succession planning


The AMA is recognised as one of the strongest lobby groups in the country because we run advocacy campaigns that are not just in doctors' interests, but also those of their patients.

The AMA continues to add to its impressive list of successful lobbying campaigns and has achieved major concessions from both State and Federal Governments.

We campaign on issues affecting:

  • hospitals and general practice
  • private practice, VMOs and salaried doctors
  • doctors-in-training
  • medical students
  • public health

Doctors from all specialties and career stages stand to benefit from AMA membership.

At whatever level doctors choose to be involved, all members benefit from the work of our highly-skilled, multi-disciplinary staff and our access to the key stakeholders in government.


AMA (NSW) Careers Advisory Service is uniquely positioned to offer members advice on successfully promoting the skills and attributes that make them stand out from the crowd in a highly competitive environment.

The Careers Advisory Service is here to assist medical students, doctors-in-training and doctors at every stage of their career.

Online, phone or face-to-face meetings can be arranged on an individual or group level for any aspect of career planning, decision making or associated processes.

Services include:

  • Resume development and review sessions
  • Cover letter and application reviews
  • Interview techniques and coaching
  • Developing your social media profile
  • One-to-one career planning

If you are an AMA member please call the Careers Advisory Service on 02 9902 8158 or 9902 8151 or via email.