This month in The NSW Doctor: data and medicine; reporting on outcomes; Google reviews; controls on advertising for medical professionals; a profile on Dr Sue Morey AM; industry news; and information from our Professional Services Team.


Data and Medicine

PRESIDENT'S WORD Data and Medicine Big data is changing almost every aspect of our lives, including healthcare. How we, as a profession, respond to this challenge will shape how that information is shared publicly. Medicine is often accused of being slow to respond to changes in society and technology. While this is not universally true, [...]

Reporting Outcomes: On Whose Terms?

FROM THE CEO Reporting Outcomes: On Whose Terms? Whilst there is a recognition that reporting clinical outcomes is hugely challenging, it is difficult to ignore the growing consumer appetite for quality data. In this edition, we delve into the incredibly challenging issue of data and transparency in healthcare. For a profession with as many different [...]

Transparency in Medicine

FEATURE Transparency in Medicine Publishing clinical outcomes is a hugely complicated issue, but some doctors say the age of quality transparency is coming – whether professionals like it or not. The risk then becomes – if doctors aren’t leading this movement, who will? BEFORE INSTANT REPLAY, 3D rendering, and hot spot technology, sports officials were [...]

Google Reviews

FEATURE Google Reviews All negative online reviews can be confronting, but none more so than those tied directly to your business page listing. It can take a minimum 12 years of education and training to become a plastic surgeon, but seconds to ruin a doctor’s online reputation. Reputational damage and the legal responsibility of review [...]

#Plastic Surgery

FEATURE #Plastic Surgery If advertising from medical professionals is so tightly controlled by AHPRA, why is Instagram full of before and after photos and hashtags with doctors’ names? The Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) has been taking a hard a look in the mirror. In June this year, the Chair of ASPS Ethics Committee, [...]

Insight: Beyond individual patient care

PROFILE Insight: Beyond individual patient care 50-year member and former Chief Health Officer for NSW, Dr Sue Morey AM has been an important figure in the maturation of public health medicine in Australia. When Dr Sue Morey graduated medical school from Sydney University in 1967, her understanding of public health medicine was limited. “As a [...]

Digital Recall and Remote Clinical Appraisals

INDUSTRY NEWS Digital Recall and Remote Clinical Appraisals AMA (NSW) is looking for feedback from VMOs to find the best approach to addressing the non-payment for Digital Recall and Remote Clinical Appraisals. To best inform AMA (NSW)’s approach to addressing the non-payment for Digital Recall and Remote Clinical Appraisals for VMOs, we welcome feedback from [...]

Workplace Bullying

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Workplace Bullying Bullying in the workplace should always be taken seriously. Here’s your guide to preventing and responding to bullying claims from employees. Bullying at work occurs when a person, or group of people, repeatedly behave unreasonably towards another worker or a group of workers at work and that behaviour creates a risk [...]

Tips on Termination of Employment

PROFESSIONAL SERVICES Tips on Termination of Employment It’s not all farewell cards and goodbye lunches when a permanent employee moves on. Final pay should include several key entitlements... Q: I have a permanent employee whose employment is coming to an end. What entitlements do I need to pay on termination of employment and when is [...]

Spring Cup

GOLF Spring Cup Competition was particularly tight during the Spring Cup, as this was Golf Society members’ last opportunity to improve their chances to win the Shepherd Trophy. What better way to contest the AMA Golf Society Spring Cup than on a perfect Spring day at the beautiful St Michael’s Golf Course. A solid field [...]

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