Practice Staff Contracts

AMA (NSW) provides members with a range of template employment contracts for private practice staff. You can download the templates by clicking on the relevant links below.

About the templates

Please note, these contracts are suitable if each of the following applies to you:

  • You operate a private medical practice;
  • You will employ the individuals concerned (not engage them as independent contractors);
  • The employees you are hiring are nurses, support staff or other award-covered health professionals (not including employed doctors); and
  • You will employ the employees as wages employees (ie, they won’t be paid an all-encompassing salary but will be paid for time worked).

Please note, each of these contract templates is designed to meet the key requirements of the relevant Modern Awards; however, it is your responsibility to ensure award compliance on a day-to-day basis. Full copies of the relevant Modern Awards can be found on our ‘Employer Quick Links’ page here.

Have questions or need help tailoring the templates?

If you have questions about the templates, or if you would like help to tailor them for non-standard arrangements, our Workplace Relations Team may be able to assist you with this; however, you should always allow plenty of lead time (ie, weeks, not days) for tailoring services because our team receives a high volume of service requests.

Please direct your requests to: with an indication of timing (remembering you should allow enough time for the prospective employee to review, consider, sign and return the contract to you).


Please click on one of the orange links below and select the type of contract you need.

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