COVID-19 Vaccine Rollout

Adverse events reporting - webinar

Adverse events reporting - NCIRS slide presentation


Novel Coronavirus 2019

NSW Health has issued advice for GPs, hospital-based doctors, and patients about COVID-19.

You can find the latest information here.

The NSW Health heat map of COVID-19 infections by postcode can be found here.

The latest resources from the Clinical Excellence Commission can be found here.

Health Direct has published a coronavirus symptom checker that can help guide people on what they should do if they think they have it.

AMA (NSW) Workplace Relations resources

COVID-19 Telehealth FAQ July 2021

Working through COVID-19 - FAQs for Private Practice Employers

Working through COVID-19 - Consultation and Redundancy

Working through COVID-19 - Restrictions and Public Health Orders

Working through COVID-19 - Practical Considerations

Working through COVID-19 - Work Health and Safety

Financial Support for Practices during COVID-19

AMA (NSW) Position Paper on Telemedicine

Private Practice Update

Amendments have been made to two pieces of NSW legislation to assist businesses in New South Wales dealing with COVID-19.

Long Service Leave Act 1955 (NSW)

The Long Service Leave Act has been amended to allow an employer to give a worker with a long service leave entitlement:

  • a period of long service leave that is less than one month if the worker agrees to the lesser period of leave;
  • less than one month’s notice if the worker agrees to that lesser period of notice.

These amendments apply for the next 6 months, and may be extended for a further 6 months if necessary.

Payroll Tax Act 1997 (NSW)

The Payroll Tax Act has been amended to provide that an employer who is liable to pay payroll tax on wages paid or payable for the financial year commencing on 1 July 2019 is only required to pay 75% of the tax if the wages paid or payable by the employer are $10 million or less.

For advice or assistance, please contact the Workplace Relations Team on