We provide proactive support to doctors-in-training. We understand the importance of protecting you in the early stages of your career to ensure that problems you may encounter now do not result in long-term ramifications on your career. We anticipate challenges and resolve your problems before they escalate into disputes, to protect your rights, and further your professional interests. Our experienced advisors can provide comprehensive industrial support, assist you with workplace matters, and guide you through tricky situations. Overall, we aim to reduce your workplace stressors and free you up to focus on your work and your career.

AMA (NSW) can help with issues including:

  • advice on terms and conditions of employment

  • advice on rates of pay

  • underpayment of overtime advice

  • advice on safe hours and rostering

  • advice on unfair dismissal

  • help with performance management meetings

  • assistance for bullying and harassment matters

  • advice and assistance with workplace investigations

  • advice about training disputes

  • advice concerning registration requirements

  • medico-legal advice

Your Award

Conditions of Work

Click on the headings below for more information on key areas governed by the Award and how they affect you in the workplace.

  • 38 hours per week
  • Rostered for 40 hours – paid for 38. Remaining 2 hours accrues and is for your Allocated Day Off (ADO)
  • You may be rostered 40 hours in any period of 7 days or 80 hours in any period of 14 consecutive days
  • Four weeks per calendar year
  • Accrue additional leave for working public holidays and shift work
  • 76 hours paid sick leave per year
  • You become eligible for a full year’s entitlement of paid sick leave on the first day of the fourth month of employment
  • You are not entitled to paid sick leave until the expiration of 3 months’ continuous service
  • Sick leave of more than 2 days generally requires a medical certificate
  • Must notify appropriate staff of your absence
  • Sick leave accrues year to year
  • Accrue 1 per month
  • Should be rostered and taken monthly
  • You cannot take half ADOs
  • Any accrued ADOs will be paid out when you leave NSW Health or change to a different health district
  • Any ADOs accrued over 3 will be paid out at overtime rates
  • Not entitled as an intern
  • From following year you can apply for up to 7 days study leave
  • Currently each health district has its own approvals process – check with your JMO Unit
  • After 40 weeks you are entitled to 14 weeks paid maternity leave
  • Can be taken at full or half pay
  • If you are entitled to paid maternity leave – you are entitled to a further period of unpaid maternity leave of not more than 12 months after the actual date of birth
  • If you are not entitled to paid maternity leave – you are entitled to unpaid maternity leave of not more than 12 months
  • Meal breaks, Monday – Friday day shift, are unpaid – you are entitled to a 30 minute unpaid meal break
  • If you are unable to take this meal break speak to your JMO Unit about the most appropriate way to claim this
  • Meal breaks on evening shifts, night shifts and all weekend shifts are paid
  • Rosters should be released with a minimum of 2 weeks notice
  • In an emergency the employer can change the roster
  • Maximum rostered shift length 14 hours
  • Must have 10 hour break between rostered shifts
  • You will be required to work reasonable overtime
  • Any time worked in excess of 10 hours will be paid at overtime rates
  • If you work more than 80 hours in a fortnight it will be paid at overtime rates
  • First 2 hours of overtime is paid at time and a half, anything after that is paid at double time
  • All time worked on Sunday is double time
  • You will be paid fortnightly into your nominated bank account
  • You will receive a fortnightly pay slip
  • Check your pay slip when received
  • If you are unsure if you have been paid correctly speak with your JMO Unit
  • If you are still unsure if you have been paid correctly you can contact the AMA


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Doctors-in-Training Pay Guide

The AMA (NSW) Doctors-in-Training Pay Guide aims to help you better understand what you should be paid and why. There is no denying it, your pay slips are complicated! Who has the time to navigate the Award and check if you’re being paid correctly? We do. The Doctors-in-Training Pay Guide can help you with:

  • Ordinary Time Earnings
  • Penalty Rates
  • Overtime
  • On Call & Call Backs
  • Pay Adjustments – Underpayment & Overpayment

What You Need to Know Guides

Newly updated guides! These guides are designed to be easy coffee-break reads, that provide helpful information on topics that impact your working life, such as rostering, pay, leave, training and support.
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Video Resources

AMA (NSW) has compiled the following resources for doctors-in-training. These resources can be used to help you understand the conditions of your employment.

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Remote Clinical Appraisals

AMA (NSW) Doctors-in-Training Co-Chair, Dr Sanjay Hettige, explains how to claim your remote clinical appraisals.

Video resources 2

How to claim your unrostered overtime online

AMA (NSW) Doctors-in-Training Co-Chair, Dr Sanjay Hettige, explains how to use the new online tool for doctors-in-training in NSW to claim your unrostered overtime.

Video resources 3

Your Award and Conditions of Employment

AMA (NSW) Senior Workplace Relations Advisor, Jessica Rankin, talks about the NSW doctor-in-training Award and conditions of employment.

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