Welcome to the May/June 2023 edition of The NSW Doctor magazine.

Health can’t wait

PRESIDENT'S WORD Health can't wait During the pandemic, politicians repeatedly told residents they were acting on “the advice of health experts.” It’s a strategy that should continue as we move […]

Let your babies grow up to be doctors

FROM THE CEO Let your babies grow up to be doctors We know how hard doctors' lives can be - the stressors you face that are compounded by a system […]

When we suddenly lose a colleague… what happens next?

FEATURE When we suddenly lose a colleague… what happens next? Doctors’ Health NSW is developing a postvention toolkit to ensure workplaces are equipped to provide thoughtful and compassionate responses. AT […]

Asking the right questions

FEATURE Asking the right questions Most people thinking about suicide don’t tell anyone. Here’s why and what we can do about it. MANY PEOPLE at risk of suicide are going […]

Unique stressors on hospital doctors

FEATURE Unique stressors on hospital doctors Burnout is rife across the profession, but the everyday stressors differ depending on your role. The NSW Doctor looks at the unique burdens that […]

GP Burnout

FEATURE GP Burnout Financial pressure, staffing shortages and public scrutiny is impacting on the mental health and wellbeing of general practitioners. Isabella Angeli asks three different GPs about the unique […]

Vicarious Trauma

COLUMN Vicarious Trauma It’s important to act if the intensity of your response to patient trauma is affecting you outside the consult room. I’M AN EMPATH by nature. It’s part […]

Food For Your Soul

COLUMN Food for Your Soul Dr Jessie Goldberg, an emergency medicine registrar working at Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, shares her thoughts with Dr Ashna Basu about the role […]

VMO Arrangements: Under Review

WORKPLACE RELATIONS VMO Arrangements: Under Review Your responses to our VMO survey are informing AMA (NSW)’s ongoing negotiations with the Ministry, and if required, provide critical evidence in arbitrations to […]

Payroll Tax: An Update For Practices

WORKPLACE RELATIONS Payroll Tax: An Update For Practices The NSW Court of Appeal dismissed the application by Thomas and Naaz to appeal the tribunal decision. What are the implications for […]

Fair Work Act Changes

WORKPLACE RELATIONS Fair Work Act Changes Is your practice up to date with the latest changes to the Fair Work Act? AMA (NSW)’s Felicity Buckley and Lisa Bennell detail what […]

Captivating ChatGPT

FEATURE Captivating ChatGPT A doctor’s guide to harnessing the power of AI in medicine, written by Dr Ron Granot (with a little help from ChatGPT). TIME IS A LUXURY that […]

Celebrating our 50 Year Members

EVENTS Celebrating our 50 Year Members AMA (NSW) is pleased to honour members who dedicated their lives to medicine and remained committed and supportive of the Australian Medical Association throughout […]

Medical conference must-knows

FEATURE Medical conference must-knows Is your calendar full of conference dates this month? Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your next medical conference […]


DOCTORS_IN_TRAINING #Move2Improve Five hospitals will compete for the ultimate common room makeover. Find out who is leading the pack by following AMA (NSW) on social media. AMA (NSW) HAS partnered […]

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