The AMA represents the interests of medical professionals and patients through effective advocacy and provides individual support and services to members at all stages of their careers.

The Australian Medical Association (NSW) Limited is an independent association representing the state’s medical profession. As the state’s peak medical-political lobbying body, AMA (NSW) is dedicated to providing its members with representation on a variety of medical issues, workplace relations advice and representation and commercial benefits. Members of AMA (NSW) also belong to Federal AMA, which is consistently ranked among the nation’s most effective and trusted member organisations in Australia. AMA and AMA (NSW) work collectively to advocate for the medical profession at both a Federal and State Government level.

The strength of AMA (NSW) lies in its representative reach across the State’s geographical zones and the profession’s specialty groups. By playing a pivotal role in the formation of public health and hospital policy, AMA (NSW) is in a strong position to represent the individual needs of members and their patients.

AMA(NSW) is the registered industrial body for Visiting Medical Officers in the Public Hospital System and as such negotiates the terms of the Visiting Medical Officer Determinations and Contracts as well as providing individual advice and support to all medical practitioners with their workplace matters in the Public and Private Hospital systems.

The concerns of the State’s general practitioners are addressed by the AMA (NSW) Council of General Practice and when an important issue arises the Association has the resources to conduct a sustained media campaign to ensure our views are aired in across print, broadcast, and social media.

We advocate for doctors

  • Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the AMA has played a pivotal role in ensuring medical professionals have adequate and appropriate PPE.

  • The AMA has successfully ensured patients and doctors can access telehealth for safer consultations in COVID-19 hotspots.

  • At a State level, we represent doctors’ interests in negotiating with hospitals, Local Health Districts and NSW Health. At the Federal level, AMA represents doctors working in primary care.

We campaign for better healthcare

  • The AMA has called for better resourcing for public hospitals to alleviate pressure from a growing population that is increasingly presenting with complex chronic conditions.

  • We are public health advocates and have run successful campaigns on issues such as domestic abuse, road safety, tobacco, and vaccinations.

  • The AMA is championing for high quality health care delivered by doctors and nurses to be at the heart of Australia’s aged care system.

We represent all doctors

  • AMA (NSW) supports individual members and protects the collective interests of all doctors and medical students.

  • We are a powerful voice for the profession and represent GP and non-GP specialists, public and private hospital doctors, VMOs, CMOs, private practice owners, doctors-in-training, and medical students across the State in both metropolitan areas, as well as regional, rural and remote NSW.

  • We provide assistance and continuous support to our members throughout their careers from medical school to retirement.

We offer learning and training

  • Our Workplace Relations team regularly holds webinars for members on topics relating to Work, Health and Safety; Managing Privacy; Modern Awards and more.

  • How-to videos are available for doctors-in-training looking to claim unrostered overtime online; learn about the Award and conditions of employment; or information on remote clinical appraisals.

  • We offer free ‘What you need to know’ resources for doctors-in-training on employment conditions.

We influence policy and legislation

  • As a key health stakeholder, the AMA is regularly consulted by the State and Federal Government on upcoming policy and legislation.

  • The AMA contributes submissions to Parliamentary Inquiries related to the health system, the medical profession, and public health issues to ensure the interests of doctors and patients are represented.

  • AMA representatives frequently attend Inquiry hearings to represent our views to Parliamentary Committees.

We support doctors

  • Our Workplace Relations team provides individual assistance and support to members on a range of issues.

  • Our Careers Service offers ongoing support to members throughout their careers with professional, personalised service to individuals and groups.

  • We care about doctors’ health and wellbeing and offer a registry of GPs who are available to take on colleagues as patients.

AMA (NSW) has a range of services and resources to support you

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