NSW Doctor January / February issue 2019


This month in The NSW Doctor, it’s the doctors-in-training edition. In this issue you’ll find: a report on the 2018 Hospital Health Check, DITs talk about balancing parenthood with their medical careers, the lessons learned from working in Alice Springs, a feature on imposter phenomenon, what the Alliance is doing about unrostered overtime, and more.



PRESIDENT'S WORD [block_title style="column_title" inner_style="inline_border" title="Transformation"][/block_title] A new year marks new beginnings and opportunities for change. Whether you’re an intern starting your career, or a student learning to become a […]

When one election is not nearly enough

FROM THE CEO [block_title style="column_title" inner_style="inline_border" title="When one election is not nearly enough"][/block_title] The upcoming elections are important opportunities to make health a priority for both governments. 2019 looks set […]

Northern Beaches Hospital VMO Update

INDUSTRY NEWS [block_title style="column_title" inner_style="inline_border" title="Northern Beaches Hospital VMO Update"][/block_title] We have been working to address all of the issues raised before and after the opening of the NBH. AMA […]

Hospital Health Check 2018

FEATURE [block_title style="column_title" inner_style="inline_border" title="Hospital Health Check 2018"][/block_title] The results are in from our second annual Hospital Health Check survey, which asked doctors-in-training to rate their workplaces. Did your hospital […]


FEATURE [block_title style="column_title" inner_style="inline_border" title="Parents-in-Training"][/block_title] Parenthood presents a unique set of challenges for medical professionals – particularly doctors-in-training. Dr Tessa Kennedy and Dr James Lawler share their experiences with their […]

Acknowledging Makarrata

FEATURE [block_title style="column_title" inner_style="inline_border" title="Acknowledging Makarrata"][/block_title] Working in Alice Springs didn’t give Dr Eliza Milliken all the answers to improving Indigenous health. It did, however, force her to ask some […]

Imposter Phenomenon

FEATURE [block_title style="column_title" inner_style="inline_border" title="Imposter Phenomenon"][/block_title] Studies suggest that at least a third of doctors-in-training feel like a fraud at some point in their careers. Dr Caitlin Weston shares her […]

Overworked & Underpaid

FEATURE [block_title style="column_title" inner_style="inline_border" title="Overworked & Underpaid"][/block_title] Are you clocking out on time? Probably not if you’re anything like the doctors-in-training who answered our surveys. AMA (NSW)’s Victoria Patterson explains […]

The journey that lies ahead

STUDENT VIEW [block_title style="column_title" inner_style="inline_border" title="The journey that lies ahead"][/block_title] On the cusp of starting internship, Dr Albert Vu takes a moment to reflect on life  as a med student […]

The JMO Award: Fit for 2019?

COLUMN [block_title style="column_title" inner_style="inline_border" title="The JMO Award: Fit for 2019?"][/block_title] Despite policy restrictions, the Alliance is working to create a safe and fair working environment for doctors-in-training. For those of […]

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