This month in The NSW Doctor, it's the doctors-in-training edition. In this issue you'll find: a report on the 2018 Hospital Health Check, DITs talk about balancing parenthood with their medical careers, the lessons learned from working in Alice Springs, a feature on imposter phenomenon, what the Alliance is doing about unrostered overtime, and more.



PRESIDENT'S WORD Transformation A new year marks new beginnings and opportunities for change. Whether you’re an intern starting your career, or a student learning to become a leader – you have the power to positively impact the health of our communities. Firstly – Welcome to a New Year, and welcome to our interns embarking on [...]

When one election is not nearly enough

FROM THE CEO When one election is not nearly enough The upcoming elections are important opportunities to make health a priority for both governments. 2019 looks set to be an interesting year in politics with a State and Federal election in the first half of 2019. The State election is, of course, fixed for Saturday [...]

Northern Beaches Hospital VMO Update

INDUSTRY NEWS Northern Beaches Hospital VMO Update We have been working to address all of the issues raised before and after the opening of the NBH. AMA (NSW)’s Industrial Manager, Andrew Campbell explains... Quite a few changes have happened at Northern Beaches Hospital (NBH) since the last issue of The NSW Doctor. In particular: NBH [...]

Hospital Health Check 2018

FEATURE Hospital Health Check 2018 The results are in from our second annual Hospital Health Check survey, which asked doctors-in-training to rate their workplaces. Did your hospital make the grade? Doctors-in-training gave three different hospitals a failing grade in reference to staff wellbeing or their management of rosters in this year’s Hospital Health Check (HHC). [...]


FEATURE Parents-in-Training Parenthood presents a unique set of challenges for medical professionals – particularly doctors-in-training. Dr Tessa Kennedy and Dr James Lawler share their experiences with their families about what is often seen as gendered-issue. Dr Tessa Kennedy AMA Council of Doctors-in-Training Chair Five months ago, had my first baby, exactly four weeks after completing [...]

Acknowledging Makarrata

FEATURE Acknowledging Makarrata Working in Alice Springs didn’t give Dr Eliza Milliken all the answers to improving Indigenous health. It did, however, force her to ask some hard questions about the limits of a medical system that fails to acknowledge the impact of history. Alice Springs is a town gated by a split of red [...]

Imposter Phenomenon

FEATURE Imposter Phenomenon Studies suggest that at least a third of doctors-in-training feel like a fraud at some point in their careers. Dr Caitlin Weston shares her advice for managing imposter syndrome. Many of us know the feeling – that nagging suspicion that despite all the things you have “achieved” in your lifetime, it’s really [...]

Overworked & Underpaid

FEATURE Overworked & Underpaid Are you clocking out on time? Probably not if you’re anything like the doctors-in-training who answered our surveys. AMA (NSW)’s Victoria Patterson explains what the Alliance is doing to solve unrostered overtime. The issue of unrostered overtime (UROT) is a recurring theme. More than 1100 doctors-in-training (DITs) participated in the 2017 [...]

The journey that lies ahead

STUDENT VIEW The journey that lies ahead On the cusp of starting internship, Dr Albert Vu takes a moment to reflect on life  as a med student and the challenges in front of him. They say you learn as much as you can while you are young since life becomes too busy later. To a [...]

The JMO Award: Fit for 2019?

COLUMN The JMO Award: Fit for 2019? Despite policy restrictions, the Alliance is working to create a safe and fair working environment for doctors-in-training. For those of us currently in unaccredited land, signing a new employment contract is an annual rite of passage for doctors-in-training in NSW. We see this as a formality that has [...]

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