As an AMA member you can now bring the power of Peloton to your business or home.  Combining cutting-edge technology and workouts led by world-class instructors, Peloton has created a platform to bond, inspire and grow stronger together.

Use the Peloton Bikes or Tread to join immersive live and on-demand classes. Connect with others and transform your health from your workplace or home using your AMA exclusive discounts.


Current Offer for Commercial Peloton in the Workplace

Peloton Commercial bikes now available for healthcare facilities!

Be the first to bring our latest, most immersive Bike technology to elevate your team and wellbeing experience. Our Bikes are designed to maximise workplace spaces and maintain employee’s workout routines.  Designed to fit any mood, schedule, or starting point – beginner to

bootcamp – Peloton’s thousands of classes keep its millions of members coming back. Peloton’s commercial software is made for everyone visiting your facility. Anyone can create an account, take a ride, and track their stats at no cost to them. The signature Peloton experience, upgraded with pedals compatible with athletic shoes and dedicated commercial support for a smooth ride for your exercisers and for you.


Enjoy an ‘AMA Exclusive’ discount*

$300 off a Commercial Bike Package (RRP $2,395)

$300 off a Commercial Bike+ Package (RRP $3,595)


Black Friday Offer for Peloton in the Home


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Purchase any Peloton Bike/Bike+/Tread package for your home by phone or email to enter our

‘AMA Exclusive’ competition to win a free Peloton Bike** for your medical facility

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