This month, The NSW Doctor has a special report on increased demand in public hospitals and the effect it's having on staff morale. Additionally, there's a look at how the Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba case has resonated with Australian doctors, a round-up from O Week 2018, and more.


Improving Public Hospitals

PRESIDENT'S WORD Improving Public Hospitals The future of healthcare depends on strategic vision and leadership, and a healthy injection of funding. During a week in which our NSW public hospitals are the hosts of both a new intake of interns, and an even larger group of Junior Medical Officers who have just stepped up a [...]

Ripples Across the Ocean

FROM THE CEO Ripples Across the Ocean The case of Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba has resonated with doctors working in a health system that is often under pressure and under-resourced. It's easy to dismiss social media as a conduit for cat videos and holiday snaps, however, as we've recently witnessed with the story of Dr Hadiza [...]

Squeezed to the last drop

FEATURE Squeezed to the last drop Is there anything left to give? Doctors fear pressure on public hospitals is pushing them to breaking point. "How there have not been more deaths in the waiting room is beyond me." Late last year, AMA (NSW) put out a call to members asking two simple questions: Over the [...]

O Week 2018

FEATURE O Week 2018 It's another record-breaking year for intern placements in NSW – as 999 interns join the medical workforce. The State welcomed 999 interns – up from 992 in 2017 – into the health system in January. As the number of new doctors slowly creeps up, so has the State's funding. NSW Health invested [...]

The Risk of Complacency

OPINION The risk of complacency Witnesses to unspeakable tragedies, doctors have been powerful proponents of major public safety campaigns. However, government must be vigilant in upholding these policy measures, writes Prof Brad Frankum. Doctors are uniquely placed to witness first-hand the end results of avoidable illness and injury. It should therefore come as no surprise [...]

Medicine’s Cultural Revolution

FEATURE Medicine's Cultural Revolution DIT Committee Chair, Dr Tessa Kennedy, explains how senior and junior doctors can fight against medicine's toxic culture syndrome. In late January, the UK High Court upheld an appeal by the British General Medical Council to remove paediatrician Dr Hadiza Bawa-Garba from the medical register, following a conviction of manslaughter in [...]

If the coat fits

DIT DIARY If the coat fits If mum jeans, velvet chokers and scrunchies are making a fashion comeback in 2018, why can't we do the same for the white coat? Junior and senior doctors alike, we need a rapprochement with the white lab coat. Hear me out on this nostalgic fantasy. Although still popular in [...]

Questioning medical school

FEATURE Questioning medical school Is this as good as it gets? Medical student Liam Mason challenges the current medical education model and asks, "Can we do it better?" Medical schools date back to the 9th Century in Europe. After over a millennia, the structure and content of the training provided in these schools have undergone [...]

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