Key findings for this hospital

How does this hospital compare to NSW?

Do you feel valued?

Overall, 61% reported that they felt valued, which was more than the NSW average of 46%.

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Would you recommend your hospital?

67% reported that they would recommend the hospital, which was more than the NSW average of 54%.

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Unrostered overtime worked

0% worked 0 hours
9% worked 1-5 hours
52% worked 6-10 hours
14% worked 11-15 hours
9% worked 16-20 hours
7% worked 21-25 hours
9% worked 26+ hours

Unrostered overtime claimed

Claimed 0%

Claimed 10% to 30%

Claimed 40% to 60%

Claimed 70% to 90%

Claimed 100%

Unrostered overtime paid

0% Paid

10% to 30% Paid

40% to 60% Paid

70% to 90% Paid

100% Paid

Fatigue, Clinical Error and Personal Safety

Have you made a fatigue-induced clinical error caused by your hours of work at your hospital?

In total, 49% of participants reported that they had made a fatigue-induced error, which was more than the NSW average of 46%.

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Have you ever been concerned about your personal health or safety caused by excessive hours worked at your hospital?

51% said they had felt concerned about their health or safety, which was less than the NSW average of 56%.

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Sick Leave

We asked:

  • If you are unwell, how often do you take sick leave at your hospital?
  • What stops you from taking sick leave if you are unwell?

Orange Health Service scored above the NSW average on this domain, although the difference was not statistically significant.

How often do you take sick leave at your hospital?

What stops you from taking sick leave if you are unwell?

What doctors at this hospital are saying

What do you value most about your hospital?

“The hospital is a close knit community where people are respectful towards their colleagues and there are low levels of interdepartmental animosity and conflict. I feel comfortable asking colleagues for help. I have made really excellent friends. I feel able to talk to my colleagues about issues like burnout and overtime and I feel supported by my department to make decisions that benefit me but might not help the department e.g. working part time or taking leave without pay. “

“Good collegiality, approachable disciplines, variety of general presentations.”

“Very friendly consultants and fellow registrars. Consultants are approachable and always available for advice on patient care.”

If you could change three things at your hospital what would they be?

“1. More medical staff across all disciplines which would improve fatigue and morale and might provide some ability for a sick relief roster. 2. Better education and opportunities for professional development (eg. Skills workshops) 3. More medical admin staff to better support the junior workforce.”

“1. Doctor – patient ratio. The medical lists are never less than 30 patients and can reach 40 patients. This is unsafe and I regularly stay back atleast 2-3 hours beyond the end of my shift. No lunch breaks! 2. Weekend and after hours shifts: the medical registrar is expected to round with the bosses, answer stroke calls, run MET calls, in charge of the ward (including CCU) and expected to see every general medicine, cardio, oncology, haematology admission presenting to ED! Further, in night shifts, there is no JMO to help you – the med reg does clinical review and all ward jobs!”

“1. Staffing: The staffing is atrocious. I am in an accredited, externally-funded position and do 40% unsupervised night shifts getting none of my training requirements completed. Our staffing levels cannot sustain a single sick call, let alone the numbers we’re seeing with flu/COVID at the moment. This is true from interns to senior registrars. 2. I have been totally unsupported to complete my training program requirements. Nobody even knows what my accredited position is for. 3. There’s no access to food after like 2pm on weekdays and barely at all on weekends. Better access to places to buy food when you’re asked to do a double shift or called in with no notice would be nice.”

Domain scores

Domain  2022 2022 – Score out of 100 WNSWLHD WNSWLHD – Score out of 100
Rostering 47 52
Overtime 78 81
Leave 72 73
Behaviour 71 70
Sick leave 59 64
Facilities 46 51

All scores are out of a possible total of 100.

Number of respondents
Gender breakdown